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 Revised Rulz

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PostSubject: Revised Rulz   Revised Rulz EmptyTue Aug 25, 2009 2:49 pm


This set of rules is being set in place to alleviate any further misunderstanding within the Godz clan.


- All members are required to donate a minimum of $5/mnth. This $5 will allow a member to access to the ventrillo, server, and scrim team roster.
- Any member that wishes to wear the Godz tags and does not donate $5/mnth may find themselves excluded from ventrillo, the Godz server and most definitely the scrim team.

- Clan privileges such as admin control in any of the Godz properties will be assigned specifically to those who are deemed necessary to have such control.
- As well any member who donates monthly will automatically receive the option of having such abilities.
- Only the 4fathers hold the rights to assign such rights and any member wishing to obtain admin abilities will have to request them from the 4fathers.
- All members that donate $5/mnth are eligible for scrim team sign up, as well as anything within the ownership of the Godz clan.
- Any member that chooses not to donate or is incapable of donating will.
 A: need to find a member that will donate on there behalf and let it be known that they are doing so
 B: understand that at any time they will be removed from the Godz roster be it Pub clan or Scrim clan without reason beyond a lack of donations to the clan in which they wish to be part of


- Any full Godz member that donates and wishes to scrim will be assigned to a team of 5 players.
o Those 5 players will be considered a team and play together as such.
o They will not be allowed to swap in for other players unless there is TEAM CONSENSUS or if more teams are added to the roster and players would like to be assigned to another team.
o Teams will be labeled 1, 2, 3, etc. In no way does any team hold more standing then another.
o All teams are separate units and will act as such.
o If the Godz clan establishes more then one scrim team it will be the obligation of every member of every team to establish a dedicated time frame in which your team will practice as a team to establish, and hone strategies to assist said team in TWL matches.
o Every team will be responsible for its own matches and members.
 If a match is set and a member cannot show the match is forfeit, and that player is considered for replacement.
 If there is Clan consensus alternates can be assigned but Only Members that Donate can be considered and they must attend all practices and be up to date with team strategies.


- Any member that recruits another player must first acquire these details
o Do they have a mic
o Will they donate
o Leader board standing
o Rank
o Ventrillo compatibility ( do they respect others in vent)
o Player ability ( are they an asset to the clan )

- After collecting there info a new player considered for recruitment must be introduced to at least two of the 4fathers, and must have played at least 2 rounds with 4fathers and several rounds with other Godz members before they are considered a recruit. NO EXCEPTIONS.

- All recruits are required to collect 2 of the 4fathers tags as well as 6 of the full member’s tags.

o All members are encouraged to put up a fight and make it as hard as possible for the recruits to accomplish this task. This task is set in place to see what a recruit is made of. Not to allow your friends easy access to our clan.
o That being said, any recruit that is brought in by a current member will be the responsibility of that member. If there are any complaints regarding a recruit it will be there job to fix the problem, be it excessive chatting in vent or banning for suspicion of hacking. Until that recruit is a full member it is there responsibility.

- Full member status can only be assigned by the 4fathers
(Preferable 2 or more)


- Any member of Godz has the privilege of be on vent, however if a member does not donate they are not always guaranteed a reserved slot to said vent.
- Proper vent etiquette
o Refrain from excessive chatting when in a channel with people that are in game (if you want something or need help state what you need, and wait for someone to offer you help in a separate channel. Do not bothers those in game)
o If you require someone to join a separate channel , Alt Tab out and request they join you (do not pm members repeatedly )
o Do not enter a private or locked channel without first asking for permission. This goes for the Scrim channel as well.
o Inappropriate language beyond the comfort level of all members will not be tolerated, we have young , old male , and female members so respect them as they respect you
o Any member or members causing issues will be told to stop and then kicked if they choose not to listen
o If you have issues with members resolve them amongst yourselves privately or bring them up to a 4father privately and they will be taken care of
o Any music, sound bites, or bodily functions transmitted on vent inside a main channel will get you kicked from the channel.


- Any one with admin abilities is responsible for there actions.
- We warn first , kick second, ban third
- Abuse of admin privileges will lead to loss of privileges and or removal from the clan
- All admins will respect in game rules and follow them to a tee
- Any member with admin abilities will be required to maintain our servers regulations whether it benefits there team or not. We do not tolerate rule breakers.


We are a clan worthy of respect only because we show respect to those who deserve it. We stick by our rules and encourage all our members to play hard and keep it clean. To date we have never had a member that hacked and we pride ourselves on keeping the game fair for those who are hear to have fun. We will accomplish nothing by grudging with other clans and throwing false accusations around the gaming community. We as a clan are here to stay, but in order to do that we need to abide by a strict set of rules and regulations. Any member found not doing so will be swiftly dealt with. We do not tolerate cheaters or trouble makers.


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Revised Rulz
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