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 Wed. Jan 6, 2010

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PostSubject: Wed. Jan 6, 2010   Wed. Jan 6, 2010 EmptyThu Jan 07, 2010 12:32 am

After discussion and vote we have decided to go into alliance with *MOFC* and share a server. Both clans will continue to hold their own identity, recruiting process', and inner-clan rules, as well as continue to use thier own ventrilo / teamspeak for communication. All .GODz. members will obtain in-game admin rights to kick. Banning ability and other admin privleges may be granted to select members in the future. An *MOFC* / .GODz. logo is being worked on by General and Moshi to be used on the servers loading screen. The server will run Gibralter 24/7. The server rules previously chosen by *MOFC* were generally agreed upon and will stay in effect until further evaluation by the clan. .GODz. financial responsibility for the server will be $12 per month, which is drastically less than the costs we have had to uphold in the past. We now have an affordable home to to do our thing in and allies to help keep it populated and policed so lets make the best out of it and have some fun.

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Wed. Jan 6, 2010
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